​Creating a safer space of sensual and sexual education and exploration

  • Female ran kink and fetish group

  • We offer education through voyeurism, classes and experiences at festivals and play parties 

  • We believe that learning about ourselves physically, emotionally and sexually will help us attain greater self understanding and spiritual openness.

  • Our society has pushed us into boxes of what sexuality looks like. We are here to say that it can look like whatever you want. 

  • The basic guidelines are here because EVERY PERSON HAS THE RIGHT TO DECIDE WHAT THEIR SEXUAL FREEDOM LOOKS LIKE and it should be respected.


      Consent is Sexy

      Respect is Sexy

      Safety is Sexy

  • You have the right to say no. You have the right to say yes.

  • If it's not a FUCK YES, it's a FUCK NO!

  • Ask early, ask often. Keep checking in with your play partner(s). Consent is a process. You have the right to leave at any time. 

  • When giving or receiving feedback, be respectful of body language and speech. Listen and practice mindful consciousness - our actions affect others.

  • Agree on safe words - Green (please continue). Yellow (pause and check in). Red (STOP).

  • Ask before touching people or their toys. Don’t assume you can touch someone because of the way they are dressed, or because of how they are touching someone else. Never interrupt a play session that is ongoing or recently concluded. Respect other people's space.

  • Understand the risks of playing with someone who is in altered states. Be responsible.

  • Cleanliness is part of Safety. Wash your hands and toys before each partner, and inform your partners about STD/I’s.

  • As a community, we can learn and grow together to be better, but we must communicate. If there is a consent violation please inform a House of Bacchus volunteer or Event staff A.S.A.P 

 Events 2018

     First Friday's Monthly Play Parties at Club Princeton 

      May 24-28th Scorched Nuts  

      September 27-29th Mosaic Experiment 

      October 25-28th Trauma 

To contact us about future or hosting events and/or education or to volunteer, please email us at housebacchus.ohio@gmail.com