Paper collage, and paint on wood.


I've lived my life

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  • Poem reads: I've lived my life, not for myself, not based on my own expectations. Not feeling secure in my own emotions, thoughts, and virtues. I've lived life, yes. Life full of anxiety, worry, and loneliness. Uneasy of the consequences I could create for myself, based on imagined thoughts and feelings of others. Its funny when you step back to see the reality of life is not held within the eyes of the ones looking at you, But within the ones peering out. To know this truth is liberating. Creates strength. To stand knowing your emotions, thoughts, and virtues. To know he, you, and no one in this room can make me fall. I stand tall as me, as myself. If I stumble, it's on my own accord. I've started living my life, based on my dreams, my wants, my life. 

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