I believe that life is full of beauty. Part of that beauty is in the ways we choose to design our lives. The patterns we find in nature can be copied, and applied to all areas of life - including creativity, business, wellness, sexuality, education and community. The design processes we can use to attain our goals in a gardens, are the same processes we can use to design our daily life. Because rules change based on circumstances, but principles, are steadfast.

My goal is to fully apply these patterns and demonstrate ‘examples’ of “ecosystem like” ways to attain 'whole person awareness’.

Through the past 20yrs I have helped my hair clients have learned that their hair is beautiful no matter the texture, stigma, or insecurities attached to it. Through this journey of learning self, many have felt emboldened to follow their dreams. To be able to help them in that journey is the greatest gift. I, as one person, can give. It’s not just for them, but also for their children, partners, friends, co-workers and employers. When one person moves toward growth, everyone in the surrounding eco-system benefits and grows.

Along the way I realized I needed a system, something simple to teach, something that every person could understand and apply in their own way. In the Summer of 2014 in Minneapolis, MN I met some amazing people at a Permaculture Conference. I had no idea what Permaculture was about, but was asked to help with the event so I did. I am so glad I chose to participate. As I went to some of the workshops I realized THE WAY they were talking about growing a garden, is THE WAY I have been helping my clients with their hair and ultimately their life journey. That was it, I thought!! Of course, Nature is the ultimate example.


I have found that the Permaculture design system and Principles, that are geared to the garden and gardeners, also work wonderfully for designing a business, a community, general problem solving, inner growth and life planning. Because it’s using the principles found in nature and applying them wherever the pattern fits, it actually fits everywhere!


I use this concept in my approach to hair styling, Art, Music, and my teachings at events, workshops and, my own example as a business, mother and lover. I desire to serve, empower, and partner with people on the path to total awareness and to help you apply these principals in your own world. Please contact me to schedule time, for yourself, and for your growth. 

Beauty inspires my life, let me inspire yours.

Contact me if you desire a session, art, or book my band.